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17 Mar 2010

Guest Post #2: The Things I Do...

It all started with writers' block, one guest blog and before I knew it, I was thinking Guest Blogger Week. I announced it first and then began to worry about finding people to write for me! I don't have too many blogger friends, what should I do? 

The immediate response to my request was an emphatic "No!" when I first started asking around. It was a test of my negotiation skills a.k.a nagging skills (as today's guest says). I'm pleased to announce that by the end of the second day, I had my second blog. Of course, it came with the condition of "complete anonymity". I also have 3 bloggers lined up for the rest of the week who are all super-excited. Three cheers to my negotiation skills, woo hoo!

Oops, I'd better stop rambling or I'll be accused of hijacking the blog. Moving on to the real stuff...

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab (Tuesday 16th March 2010)

I know what you're thinking, "a review of a cricket game, wow, how exciting?"  Don't worry your excitement is matched with my lack of enthusiasm for writing.

Some years ago I read a book, Bad Hair Days by Pamela Bone, a memoir of a woman diagnosed with a quite rare form of cancer.  Pamela was a journalist prior to being diagnosed with her illness and comments in the book that usually less words are better when trying to get a message across.  I'm telling you this so that you can rest assured I won't be keeping you long.  

The real topic of this "guest" blog is nagging.  I'm a guy, a member of the weaker sex.  It's a Tuesday afternoon here in Bengaluru.  It's a holiday, Ugadhi, a time for eating sweets, right?  What better way to celebrate the Hindu new year than watching my beloved Challengers play cricket.  It's what any self respecting guy would do, right?  Alas, I've been nagged. Not just any nagging, this is the nagging of a friend, the worst kind.  "Write me a blog" she says, "I'm having a guest week for my blog".  Hmmm, "Not keen" I say.  Okay, that should be good enough, she cares enough about me to know that I would never write a blog.  What sorry person wants to know about my sorry life.  So fine, I tell her I'm not keen she asks someone else and we're all happy, right?  

Hours later I sit to watch the Challengers, on television, too many things in the way of me getting to the ground.  Why should I waste my time writing a blog?  Shit, I'm a guy, we don't do this stuff.  If she wants to write a blog why doesn't she write it herself?  Why should she interfere with my holiday just cos she can't be bothered writing her own blog?  It's not on!  But hold on, I've been nagged.  The nagging itself isn't a big deal until you reach the point where to shut her up you promise you will write a blog.  Shit, a promise is a promise.  I hate being one of the weaker sex! If only we had the prerogative to change our minds whenever we wanted, promise or no promise, sigh. 

It nears 6pm the players walk from the field for the change of innings, Kings XI have scored 203, things are looking bad all round.  RCB's batting line up isn't looking too solid, Pietersen and Taylor still to join the team. Anyway, as they walk from the field I reach for my laptop and start the dreaded chore of writing a "guest" blog!  This can't be happening.  Why is it happening?  Nagging, I have been nagged into doing this.  

So, I think some more about nagging. You know what, I've been nagged my whole life.  From my earliest days; "make your bed", "polish your shoes", "do the dishes", blah blah blah.  Then school; "do your home work", "sit up straight", "pay attention", blah blah blah.  Then, marriage, oh my god, where do I start.  Best not to.  And throughout all this a steady stream of nagging from friends, right up to the present day!

RBC are 89/1 at the half way mark, they're a chance.....  Why am I writing?  Why aren't I giving them my full attention?  The power of nagging.  

Now I'm wondering, would I have ever done anything in my life if it wasn't for nagging?  Is nagging a necessary part in getting the weaker sex to do anything?

Spike Milligan was quoted as saying "I would like to have enough money to prove that it can't make me happy". That's how I feel about nagging, I would like to go without it long enough to prove that I can't function without it.  

Oh, if you're interested in the cricket score, read about it in the paper.  I'm going to watch the last 8 overs in peace.  Happy Ugadhi!!

At the time of posting this blog, the match was over. RCB won the match by 8 wickets. Jacques Kallis was the star of the match. Oh yes, it was Happy Ugadhi after all - we won, Bangalore won!


  1. You are hilarious! Thanks for this :)

    Long live nagging!!!

  2. Hehehehehe... I've still not got whether this person is male or female! Did you say 'weaker sex' sarcastically or meant it?
    But hilarious post on nagging. But will suholla stop nagging? No ways! :D

  3. @Jeena Completely agree with you! As I already said, long live nagging :D

  4. Oh, Now I realize how you got this many guest bloggers in a week. I am totally with this guy on his words "Shit, I'm a guy, we don't do this stuff"