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7 Mar 2010


I pass by this restaurant on my way back from work and everyday I tell myself I must try it sometime. Someone said it served Rajasthani cuisine and I was eager to try it out. The last time I went there, I wasn't hungry. Since they only served a thali on a non-sharing basis, I had to return without eating anything.

The husband and I decided to try the place, for dinner, last night. We ordered the only available 'Unlimited Thali' for Rs. 120. Half a dozen waiters, dressed in Rajasthani traditional wear, walk around with pots & spoons, serving the tables.

We were first served thanda, which tasted like a mild version of badam-milk. It was not exactly thanda (i.e. cold) but had a cooling feel.

The entrees started off with very tasty dal bhatiya and dahi vada. One after another, the curry bowls started filling up with items, some of which I could catch the names of and some not.


Whereas the items served started off with a yummy taste, as we cleared one bowl after another, the quality of food seemed to degrade in taste. Maybe it did not match our food preferences.

The first picture shows Gobi Mutter (cauliflower and peas) and some vegetable we just couldn't figure. After the waiter repeated it's name thrice, in his strong Rajasthani accent, we decided to save him & us from embarrassment by pretending to understand what he was saying. The second shows a dish that was bitter and had something that looked like black peas but was something else. The other dish in the second picture is Baigan Bartha (a brinjal dish). In the third picture, we have Kadi, a spicy dish made of buttermilk.


The sweets and breads were too oily. The Malpoa tasted like a less sweet version of jalebi, the way I like it. The Rabri (pronounced raab-di) was a surprise. I mean, it was good, no doubt. I'd always thought rabri was a solid round sweet ball dunked in a liquid... turns out it is only liquid. Wheeee!


By the time, we finished, the husband and I felt the urge to expel the food from different exits. Since I woke up this morning, my stomach's been tumbling and the fart-machine's been running full steam.

The waiters were pleasant and friendly. They were probably extremely uncomfortable in their costume but went about their business without complaint, encouraging the customer to eat well. There is nothing nice about the ambience. If you take the corridor near the glass window, there is a view of the Thippasandra Main Road. If not, I would feel claustrophobic.

The dinner was not a terrible experience but not very satisfying. I wouldn't go back there.

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  1. But, yes Daal Bhati (not bhatiya) is filling... The food is good... But, too much for one take..