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30 Mar 2010

The French Quarter Bistro

The French Quarter Bistro is located on the 100 feet road, after the signal at the junction with CMH Road, next door to Cake Walk. I'd seen reviews for bistro in the papers and on websites like Burrp, so it was on my list of places to try out some day. The reviews seemed to indicate that it was a good place for breakfast. Given as there aren't too many breakfast places in Bangalore (that I know of), it sounded exciting. 

On the morning of my birthday, my husband decided to take me to TFB for breakfast. We reached there at 10AM, only to find the place closed and fret that we were too late! The watchman told us that the place only opens at noon. I am still confused as to how I thought it was a breakfast place, from the reviews.

The place looks open and airy, thanks to the high ceiling and glass walls on two sides. There is nothing fancy about the decor but the arrangement of tables looks neat. A couple of paintings and a big black board with the day's special adorn the wall. The glass entrance had paintings of fishes in colours. While it was not in bad taste, it made me curious as to the idea behind it. 

It was our first go at French cuisine and we were was pretty clueless as to what to pick. We were discussing the options on the wine menu and uttered "white wine", at which point, the friendly waiter, who was filling our glasses with water, gently intervened in the conversation. He pointed to the black display board and said he would recommend the excellent white wine with cheese platter, on offer, at Rs. 399. Given that a bottle of wine was not only expensive but the husband had to ride a mo-bike back home and I am not a regular wine-drinker, it sounded like a good option to us. We ordered an extra glass of the same wine for the husband at Rs. 300. The small complimentary basket of bread was not the best part of dinner. The crust was too hard and we struggled to break it off (I had to use both my hands).

The cheese platter had a few slices of 2 kinds of cheese, some crackers, some pieces of fruit and greens. It worked out just fine, between the two of us, for the husband and I took a liking to different kinds of cheese while hating the other kind. As for the rest, I enjoyed the fruit, he preferred the leaves.

For the main course, I ordered a rice and fish dish, which was yummy! It's as tasty as it looks in the picture. And more! In fact, I was forced to share it with the husband because he fell in love with the dish too. I wish I could remember the name but it has been over a week now and that is too long for me to remember what I ate!

The husband ordered a dish of tuna and potatoes. It came with a few cubes of cheese and more greenery. He did not enjoy the fish so much, so I had most of it. It was good. Not as out-of-this-world as my rice and fish dish above, but pretty good. I love fish and this one did not disappoint me. The potatoes were small and round, fried with the skin. The inside was soft and tasty but my palate did not agree with the feel of the hard, dry skin of the potatoes. I refused to eat it and he was happy to have the entire lot to himself.

The French Quarter Bistro is definitely worth visiting. Ambience. Alright. Music. Too soft. Food. Very good. In our case, the husband and I liked different portions of the dishes, which served us very well for we enjoyed the food without having to pull our plates away from each other. Price. Slightly expensive. It cost us a couple of thousands for our dinner, with no repeats on the wine. 

Next on my list of restaurant to visit is Medici - French & Italian cuisine. I've tried both by now but I'm keen to try the same at another place.

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