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19 Mar 2010

Guest Post #6: Getting Into My Pants

A fellow-blogger and colleague, Jeena was one of the few people I initially approached for a guest post on my blog. I won't accuse her of making any promises this time. In fact, this time there was no promise but it was delivered. 

I love the variety that the Guest Blogger Week has brought to my blog. After crazy men nagging about women nagging them and LBs, Kannada stories and Math equations, it's now time for some chick lit... 

Bumblebee has accused me of not carrying through with some promises. When she asked me to write for her, I agreed so that she wouldn't typecast me once again.

My brains have been working overtime thinking up a subject to write on her behalf. And finally, after discarding various topics, I am gonna launch on my pet peeve.

Haven't most of us at one time or the other had clothes in our wardrobes that we aspire to get into at one time or the other? The first on the list would be jeans or trousers, then those tops that don't show the bulging paunch and last would be those salwar tops which get stuck somewhere over your neck or shoulder and will tear if you try to jerk it down.

I started becoming conscious of my paunch only after I started college. But then, I used to be 57 and the only worry I had was the tiny paunch. Four years later I was still 57 but I was unable to get into those 100 bucks tops. I promised myself to start exercising but soon forgot my resolve when my eyes alighted on some sweets.

My only pair of jeans started pinching when I started working, so I got myself another pair. Two pairs of jeans later, I still have the first in my wardrobe, waiting for the day I will shed 10 kgs and manage to get into the first pair.

Why I started on this topic? That's because I watched this mallu movie "Bodyguard" starring the fave South Indian Actor Nayan Tara. And she's super-sexy-thin and shows off her curves in well selected wardrobe.

During the interval, looking at the mirror, I saw a reflection of a leaner me. I asked my husband if I looked any different and he was kind enough to disillusion me. Apparently it was the effect of one and a half hours of Nayan Tara. After another hour and a half, I resolved to make an effort to shed some fat to look fleeting like her. I am sure that only a minority looked at the hero in the movie. Both men and women alike wouldn't have been able to stop checking her out!

Yeah yeah, I pick my girlfriends carefully. No place for slim, sexy babes in my life - can't afford to have them pick on my eating habits and drive me crazy with their calorie calculations. Not to mention them taking away the attention of all the cute guys around (there's acute shortage, as it is).


  1. Thanks for the post, Jeen! Typecast removed until next time ;)

  2. Yeah seriously, who have the place for slim sexy babes in our lives other than, well, for eve teasing?