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8 May 2010

And I Left The Building

Someone truly said "It's a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it". It has been one of my favourite quotes and yet, at this moment, I cannot remember if it was Maugham or Wordsworth who uttered those words. 

I did not say 'mixed emotions' in my farewell email because I did not feel that way. I felt relief, excitement, a bit of a nerve - various shades of the same kind of emotions but no 'mixed' ones. Before the day ended, I had known differently. 

Some very touching moments. A colleague joining me for my farewell lunch, with just a last minute invite. A farewell gift to remember instead of the careless voucher or a meaningless artefact. Pretty one too. Friends spending their time instead of appearing to be busy on a Friday evening. Sweet. This is how I would like to remember my last day. I'm usually working to the last minute, barely managing a few pleasantries. This was different. And nice. I forgot to take pictures and I regret it but I was too busy enjoying time with colleagues who I know will be in touch and exchanging contact details. I took a picture with my new team, though. Nice bunch of guys. The greeting card is a beauty. Unlike the generic words I have always seen, there is a personal touch - something more apt for my situation. Smiles.

Some unpleasant surprises. I would rather not go into the details. 'Friends' with excuses, tiny little knives in the back of the shirt, busy statuses and the like. 

I finished my work yesterday. Cleared my desk yesterday. I returned 'assets' at the first instance this morning. All things out of the way, I had enough time to socialise. The guys who came to pick up my assets were nice. A security guard at the entrance was friendly. Funny how little things that you do not notice make a difference on your last day. Strange how the you begin to see things clearer. 

Yes, mixed feelings it was. 

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