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18 May 2010

Whatta Way To Start My Day

A bowl of cereal... 
Some fruit...
A delightful breakfast and a silly lyric to go with it. Whatta way to start my day!

The Hitchhikers Guide 
To The Galaxy
Is but a ride 
In an airborne taxi

It does not gimme direction
Nor tell me what place,
Without an explanation
Absolutely no grace

Pity I feel for Mr. Dent
Stuck with Zaphod and Trillian,
Ford with a fake human bent
In a dream in a million

They have the Answer
But what is the Great Question?
Forty-two says the dabbler
Leaving 'em all in a spin

More to read, to go on
So seemingly endless it is...
What a way
To start my day!

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