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2 May 2010

A Romance With Chaos by Nishant Kaushik

Why are all Indian English authors North Indians? No, I'm not complaining. It is just an observation. This is one of the better Indian authors I've read in English, though. The language is not bad. After reading numerous Indian English books and wanting to slam my head against the wall, this one is readable. Of course, it's nothing like when the native English write but hey...! Nishant uses a few 'big words' in his book but they are all  almost well-placed, so while they manage to overwhelm you a bit, they are not exactly obnoxious.

The story itself is another one of those. Sigh! All these writer boys want to talk about either (a) college life or (b) the world of IT (in the broad sense, covering BPOs, software, and anything that widely uses computers). The book has all the common ingredients - a job that the protagonist hates, a side-kick, some back-stabbing and reconciliation, more girls, someone has a wife, how the world that they live in (education/corporate job) sucks and a hospital scene chucked in for a bit of emotion. There is a bit of a deviation in the twists in the tale, thus making the book readable. Once readable, though. I read it and I chucked it.

Although I did say earlier that the language was not bad, there is something amiss with the grammar but it is hard to name it. I read it and I know it was written by an Indian. A North Indian, to be precise. That much of a give-away means that something is not perfect enough. Thankfully, it has been edited (unlike the last book I read). 

He leaves a string or two untied in the end, which is disappointing. As a writer, I would expect you to tell me what happens to each character in the story. 

I would not swear by the book. It is not one of my favourites. Nowhere close. Considering that he belongs to a different professional stream and has written a book by the side, he is definitely good. Not many of us can write something that others would want to read, let alone pay for it. 

My verdict: If you don't read it, you're not missing anything. If you do, it would not entirely be a time waster.

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