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23 May 2010

Sunfeast 10K World Run 2010

My first post on this blog was on 2nd June 2009, called the Majja Majja Run. It was after the run and I spoke of my experiences. This time I find myself writing an account before the run. 

I had hoped to train and run the open 10K this year but as a lot of other things go, I never got around to it and I find myself gearing up for the Majja Run again this year.

Last year, I registered to run for an NGO called Dream-A-Dream and collected donation for them. This year, the fees have been hiked up by a 100 bucks and I'm just running for me. 

Last year, I picked up the bib from work. This year, I went to the stadium and it was good to see the stalls and arrangements. 

Last year, the goodie bag was full of biscuits, chips and crap that I did not care to use. This year, the goodie bag is a lot better. Sunscreen, facewash, hair gel, biscuits, chips, sugarfree, and so on, two sachets of each... except for the energy tablets, it was all useful stuff. 


Last year, I did not even know there was a fancy dress part to the Majja Run. This year, I not only knew but I wanted to participate. I wanted to be a cute yellow chicken. Agreed I'm no cutie but the yellow chicken part should be do-able right? I was not even able to convince the rest of the family to co-operate. Not enough time, that is my pathetic excuse.

Last year, I ran with a colleague from work. This year, I run with family and a friend from school.

All these differences apart, one thing has not changed. Last year, I ran* with no training at all. This year, I run* with no training at all.

* When I say ran/run, I may mean run a bit, walk a bit, run lots (ah-em), walk lots, wish I could sit down, try to run, walk, jog, walk, sweat like a horse, walk, walk, walk, oh thank god we're here!

Run or walk, I need to be up early and be well-rested for some 'majja' tomorrow. Here I go...

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