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16 May 2010

Lee Lounge

Yesterday was  a day of good customer service. Mostly. 

I had bought my husband a pair of jeans from Lee earlier last week. It lasted all of 5 days. A couple of wears later, a small hole formed in the jeans and stray threads loosened up. Bloody hell! I did not pay two thousand bucks for a pair of jeans that would last only 5 days. No way! I took the jeans right back to the store and requested an exchange. I was all set to create a scene, if required, but I would get an exchange from them no matter what! 

First visit. The guy gave me an exchange note, saying they would have to perform a quality check and that he would call me when that is done. Not bad. Atleast he did not say, "but you've already worn it", like the guy at the store where we bought the husband's shoes did some weeks ago. 

Five days later, there was still no call, so we called. Two calls and no response later, I was beginning to get annoyed. Bad customer service, I thought. Last evening, I landed at their store. Without a word and a smile, they gave me a new pair of jeans. They let my husband try it on, in case we needed a different size.  

I always loved Lee for their lovely fit. Now, I like them even more for their customer service. No whining, no excuses, great accountability. Yeah, I'm willing to ignore the week-long wait. 

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