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11 May 2010

Days of Unemployment: The Beginning

Planning a trip, moving to a new place... so exciting! I thought I would have loads to fill my blog pages. On the other hand, there is so much to be done but hardly anything worth writing about. The list of tasks to complete keeps growing every day. As I score 2 items off my list, 4 more spring up. How can there be so much to be done? Sigh!

I cannot help wishing I had more people, helping me raze through the mad pile of tasks ahead of me. If travellers could be classified as the enjoy-the-package kind and the stress-while-planning-stress-while-travelling-stress-till-you're-back kinds, I would most definitely fit in the latter group. So, it is no wonder that I walk around with a pen, paper and headache every waking moment of my days. I dare not not get started on my mood swings. 

As I am typing this, a lady from Vodafone called to inform me that I have not paid my bill for this month yet. A whopping 3 grand (well, almost). Damn her! Got that out of the way. As I turned poorer by a few thousands, it was exciting to hear the 'ding' of a new message on my mobile phone. That means the payment is complete. There is another 'ding'. And another one, in quick succession. Now that's strange. I check my mobile and guess what? More bills! Insurance premium is due. Damn damn damn!!

As if it was not enough that I have a list that grows longer every minute, the expenses seem to going higher and availability of funds retreating as if scared of being spent! I feel like Rebecca Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series now. The more bills I clear, the more that seem to materialize out of thin air. 

I have 15 things on my list today. Writing a blog was not one of them. That's 16, shit! 1 down though, the blog is done. Woohoo! Better get going... 15 more to score off. And some of unlisted tasks. Like feeding the dog. The fishes. Oh dear, I really better go!

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