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17 May 2010

iPad 2007 Vs iPad 2010

When the iPad was announced and through the initial days of it's launch, anybody with an opinion about the iPad or Apple wrote a review. Most of them were technical but I managed to find a few reviews which had enough layman English in them for a technically-challenged soul like me to understand. In fact, I wrote a post myself, just to prove to no one in particular that I could. 

While the craze has been subsiding gently, there are still people out there buying iPads. Those who do, or already have, are showing off their prize gadgets, irrespective of what the technophiles opine. No matter what the reviews, Apple has been able to sell their shiny new toy to a fair deal of satisfaction, if reports are to be believed. 

While reading another blog on the internet, I found a link on one of the comments that led me to this piece. A woman's review of an iPad. Why is it special? Why am I stressing on the 'woman'? For one, there is a dearth of posts from women on this topic. For another, this blog solely concentrates on a woman's viewpoint of the iPad. This one is, by far, my favourite write-up on this topic. It is humorous yet all true and meaningful. I found myself nodding at almost every aspect she has covered. I clicked on the links in her post and I did not regret that for a moment. They just add to the fun angle. 

She had me, from the word go. First, the title. Bang on. Read the review. There are a few things you simply cannot miss. I will try to point you in that direction here. 

You can give the link about 85% consumer purchases a miss. Make sure you click on the MadTV link, though. It explains the blog-title even better. It is fun. Once you watch the video, you will never be able to hear the word iPad without... umm... I think I should just let you watch it, eh? 

At times she rambles, especially where she is whining about the health hazards to her fingers and palms. I suggest you forgive her for that (she is a woman, remember) and keep reading. I absolutely love the way she ends her blog. You have to give it to her for that! Perfect summary. Well-put. Sort of. I mean, I was really tickled. I wish I could write like her... the title, the links, the post and the ending all tie into each other so well. All that, without deviating from the content and the flavour of humour blended nicely into it. 

The more I read, the more I find that the most exciting thing about the iPad, for me, is reading what everyone has to say about it. I do not think I would every buy one. That said, if you wanted to buy me an iPad...

PS. My Blogger spell-checker, with UK-English option set, does not recognize iPad as a valid dictionary word. Yet.

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