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3 May 2010

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Three books this weekend, all different genres. Matthew Reilly's contest (loved it), Nishant Kaushik's romantic chaos (not bad) and Agatha Christie's 13 problems. At this rate, I might just finish the pile of unopened books in my shelf. The thought of something like that happening in the near future excites me! I am trying hard not to remember that it also means I will need to buy new books for my new life in Australia. 

I am one of those people that hate too many unread emails in my mailbox. Unread email means things to get done, work that is incomplete. That nags the life out of me. I just have to read the emails, tie a bow around the task and wind up. Tomorrow is another day. No, I cannot just mark emails as read and attend to the task later. I forget. So, I need the ugly dark coloured email, sneering at me each time I open my mailbox, reminding me of the mammoth list of tasks ahead. I am so used to this routine that on the rare no-email days, I go crazy. I get restless and fidgety. 

As a long-standing member of the OCD club, I have many such fetishes. Do you have any that drive you crazy? Is there something that you must do or you lose your sleep over it? 

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