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18 May 2010

Scott Adam: The Value of Attention

I have been following Scott Adam's blog for a while and love his writing. I even like his posts most of the time. Today he writes about the value of attention. The way he starts off, with the post, is splendid. It is worth quoting.

Most people enjoy getting attention. It's one of our basic needs. Little kids go through a "Look at me!" stage that lasts years. I believe we never grow out of that. All we do is learn how to be more subtle in saying, "Look at me!"  

To read the entire post, click here.

He asks a very interesting question that have elicit quite a few interesting comments, some of which further strengthen his theory on the value of attention. I would have loved to pose that question here but that would be infringement. 

He ends saying, "Someday an entrepreneur will make a fortune by figuring out how to monetize personal attention in the most efficient way". How true, of the world that we live in today!

Aside: Personally, I think if someone posted a comment in response to his blog and insisted that (s)he is not an attention-seeker, it's ironic. Need I explain?

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