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11 May 2010

How To: Comment On My Posts

A friend writes to me and says, "Here is my comment to your blog, please post it yourself, in my name".  Yeah, that is possible. I can post a comment in my own blog under the name ABC, XYZ, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Tom Cruise or whoever. While most people are able to leave a comment (but won't), my dratted blog page won't let those who wish to leave a comment to do just that. How ironic!

Hmm. So I received this email today from a stranger who said he reads my blogs but cannot comment on them. Yes, I have heard that before. You know what? Some people can. So should I just ignore that as I have done in the past? Maybe not. He has been kind enough to tell me how I could fix that too (thank you Mr. PK). So, I clicked on a link and guess what?

As I said, today's email had a link to a forum which tells me how I can fix that. Maybe. There are different solutions that worked (apparently) for different people. Eeow, yeah? Exactly. There is one about how the browser may not support embedded comments, another one about cookies and some such which, clearly, the reader has to fix himself (or herself). I cannot be rude to my faithful readers, so I go about doing what I can do with my settings. Yeah, I'm kissing your ass just so you'll continue to read my blogs. And comment on them. I just tried to fix it comment issue. Please, go on, post a comment! Gee, thanks.

I changed my comments from 'embedded' to 'pop-up'. Then, I remembered how some of us block pop-ups on our computers. I let it be for a few minutes. I mean, people can see that message which says pop-up blocked but allow this if you wish and just stick their comment in. Right? Wrong. Sigh. Some people are simply too lazy to do that. When (IF) they realize that the pop-up did not pop up. Sigh again. So, I went back and have now changed the setting to just take you to another page where you can comment. 

Go on, give it a shot. If you still have problems, click on this link and see if you need to do something. Or write to me and tell me what else I can do. 

Ah, the things one has to do for a blog! For a few measly comments... umm.. uh... I mean... er... mind-blowing comments... er... that... you have been wanting to... er.. post.. eh? Ok then, I'm signing off. Have a lot of cleaning to do... er... after I finish... er... reading this book... I'm... er.. you know... yeah, ok.. I'm going...


  1. This is a comment to prove that not everyone is too lazy to post a comment.

  2. Dude, I have been able to post a comment almost every time. So, don't blame me!! This is also a proof that I have read almost all the blogs you have written so far. Except some boring ones, of course!!

  3. @Anonymous Thanks for the evidence
    @Karthik Thanks for the evidence