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16 May 2010

Hail Hailstones, Rumblers and Flashes

I went to the balcony to bring in Lucky's bed that I had put out to dry. It was mildly drizzling. In fact, it was so mild that I was not even sure it was drizzling. I brought her bed in & turned to greet the husband who was trying to get her returned home from their walk. 

Within seconds, there was a loud noise. Rain was pounding on the windows. Mum was yelling out to everyone to bring in everything that could get wet. The husband was rushing about, closing balcony doors (we have so many of those). I stood transfixed, staring at the window at the stairway and the rain that was lashing  mercilessly at it. I expected it to crash any moment, give way under the force with which the water kept slamming it. I waited. For a few seconds. The next thing I know, I was running around the house, yelling "Close the windows, close the windows!" I checked the glass door of the balcony and the windows. I ran into the bedroom & closed all the windows. 

The library was closed. I hesitated for a second and then ran inside, quickly closing all the windows. The mesh windows were of no use, the glass had to be shut. As I closed the window which would easily let water in, given the direction and force of the rain, I ran to check the husband's Mac. It was alright. Thank God! The glass window on the left had protected it. With a sigh of relief, I laid my palm on brother's laptop. Holy shit! It was wet, almost dripping. Almost... I am not sure because I was panicking. I looked around, tugged and yanked off a bed-sheet from one of the mattresses rolled up and wiped it desperately. Thank God, it was only the lid of the laptop. Everything else seems fine. I am able to do this blog, it must be fine.

All open doors and windows shut, I raced back to the living room where mum and hubby were watching the rain. What a beautiful sight! How lovely! It was a scary too. The wind was the roughest I have ever seen, my pots in the balcony had fallen off, the windows appeared to be fighting tough to stay in place and soon there were hailstones. I could do nothing but watch enthralled! It was thrilling to watch the force of the wind and rain. I have never experienced something like this before - visuals to the highest degree of awesomeness, yet alarming. So strong. 

The house was dark within seconds, it was bright outside. The rain kept lashing as I made desperate attempts to capture the picture on my mobile camera. All in vain. Not one good picture. I kept running from window to window, I did not want to miss what the outside looked like. So beautiful, so beautiful, I kept thinking. 

The rumble of thunder was in competition with the loud sounds of things crashing outside. We did not dare look out but we wanted to know what was going on. So much frenzy. It was all crazy. So exciting!

Twenty minutes later, the only sound of water is that of water dropping down from roofs of houses and pipes from balconies. We can still hear the rumbling of thunder and see flashes of lightning. It is nice and cold outside, unbearably warm inside. The husband opened the balcony door and let a rush of cool breeze inside. Ah, the pleasures that nature bestows upon us. I love the rains. I absolutely love the rains. 

And through all of this, Lucky lay down in the living room and watched. She watched people acting crazy, she watched the rains and listened to the strange noises it made. When it was over, she went back to sleep, with one ear cocked up to the sounds around her - mum and husband trying to clean the balcony with the rain water, me typing away on my keyboard. Oh! That reminds me. Shouldn't I be there, helping them? I think I should. I had better run along. In a minute. As soon as I post this. 

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