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11 May 2010

Shield Of Justice: Margaret Series 2

I told you that it is a really long email. I've been reading it since yesterday and I am only half-way through! Here is another snippet. It is a classic, I swear! I just had to post it here, it would be a sin not to share it.

You don't know me, right? You're aware, perhaps, that my hair's bright red, you know I've got some Web space, you have a certain suspicion that in quiet moments I speculate on what it must be like to be rubbed all over with a Nastassja Kinski - but that's it. It's not like, say, we've being going out with each other for something over sixteen years and have had two children and decorated a landing together. Given that, let me place before you a scenario: You are leaving the house to go shopping for a number of hours. Just before you go, you poke your face towards me (I, hunched and unblinking, am playing a computer game of the most frantic and intricate kind) and say, 'If it starts to rain, get the washing in off the line.'

Now, you know what's going to happen, don't you? You've never even met me, and yet you know what's going to happen. So if Margret, with whom I've lived for well over a decade and a half, doesn't bother to employ painfully basic foresight to see what's obviously going to happen... well, the Shield Of Justice is mine, I reckon.

It is about things this guy and his girlfriend quarrel about, remember? Now you see why it has been unread for the last year? I'll let you know when I finish. A few months down the line.

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