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25 Jun 2009


Anniversaries are wonderful. They bring back memories. Each anniversary is like marking off another chapter. It's like saying 'Yeah, I've done another... now for the next one'.

This is what I'd believed until recently. And then I realized how this is a situational thing too, just like most things in life.

A couple of my friends mentioned anniversaries recently. One of them was celebrating 3 decades of being together with his partner... isn't that lovely? Especially because they are such a loving couple, it makes the event so touching! Another friend was simply making note of the day he left home to another land, in a quest for better career opportunities. In this case, the anniversary was all about leaving behind things that he loved. Touching again, but in a sad way!

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  1. I can absolutely understand... In search of better opportunities, people not just leave their land, they leave their life... I am in search of my lost life...