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20 Jun 2009

Below the waist

Whoever came up with the idea of low-waist jeans also invented the 'butt-cleavage'. Why it is called the low-waist is beyond me, though. I've found that upon sitting down, they turn into 'no-waist' jeans. The jeans aren't anywhere on the waist and neither are anyone's eyes... it's as if the waist has disappeared into a place where no one cares!

I paid 1800 rupees for a pair myself, during those days when I hadn't seen enough of these to realize that my modesty will come in the way of my being able to carry off a pair of low-waist jeans. So, now I wear knee length tops to hide the areas of exposure. Last week, I was wondering if there was another way I could deal with these.

I hit upon my best ideas when I'm in the bathroom. Sometimes I get so excited that I'm forced to remind myself that Archimedes was a man who could afford an eccentricity that I cannot. I digress here.

So, how best can I wear my no-waist er.. low-waist jeans without hiding the belt under a butt-covering kurta? My jeans are black. How about I get myself a black panty with 'You sneaky bastard' written on the back, in bright yellow? Do you think it... will... work?

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  1. Your stats counter seems to be working, matey!