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27 Jun 2009


MOBILE TECHNOLOGY FOR INTERNET is the best thing I've discovered in recent times! It allows me to keep in touch with my inbox, tweet (the fashionable word for microblogging these days) and most importantly google answers to life's numerous questions, anytime, anyplace.

And all of this for FREE! Wasn't there something about all best things in life being free? Well!

MICROBLOGGING is a blessing. It's a little like fast food. Whip up something in a jiffy, while racing through life. Yet it isn't quite 'junk' like fast food. I haven't been able to blog for over a week now. In fact, when I occasionally login, all I do is post a poem from an older era. On the other hand, I have time to tweet atleast thrice a day. It keeps me in touch with writing and it feels great.

TWEETING has become a part of my daily activities, like brushing or having a bath! 'Following' now has a totally new meaning.

I heard the first news of MJ's death when I logged in for a quick tweet, as I was getting ready for work on Friday morning. Without Twitter or my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I might have been ignorant until one of the no-work-so-surfing-the-internet colleagues in office mentioned it.

MJ's DEATH has sparked off various threads of discussions all over the internet. Shashi Tharoor, who I'm following on Twitter, said post the MJ news, "MJ's songs and impact will of course outlast the recollections of his oddities. All we remember of Elvis now is the exhilarating brilliance". How true!

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