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11 Jun 2009

A broken heart

This is a song from a Hindi movie titled 'Anamika' (anonymous). One of my favourites.

Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si Palkon Pe Reh Gaye (Wet, they stayed on my eye lashes)
Jaise Mere Sapne Bikhar Ke (My dreams strewn)
Jale Man Tera Bhi Kisike Milanko (May you burn with desire for that someone)
Anamika Tu Bhi Tarse (And may you feel the desperation)

Tujhe Bin Jaane Bin Pehchane (Without clearly understanding who you were)
Maine Hrudayse Lagaya (I gave you my heart)
Par Mere Pyar Ke Badle Mein Toone (In exchange for my love, you...)
Mujhko Yeh Din Dikhlaya (Showed me this day)

Jaise Birha Ki Rut Maine Kaati Tadapke (I have spent a season of loneliness)
Aahen Bhar Bharke (Doing nothing but sighing)
Jale Man Tera Bhi... (May your heart burn with the same desire...)

Aag Se Naata Naari Se Rishta (Being in love with a woman is like playing with fire)
Kaahe Man Samajh Na Paaya (Why did the heart not understand that?)
Mujhe Kya Hua Tha Ek Bewafaa Pe (What had come over me that I)
Hai Mujhe Kyon Pyaar Aaya (Fell in love with a traitor?)

Teri Bewafaai Pe Hanse Jag Saara (The whole world laughs at your betrayal)
Gali Gali Guzre Jidharse (On every street I pass I see that)
Jale Man Tera Bhi... (May your hurt burn with desire...)

Don't watch the video for this one, it sucks! Just listen to the song... it is beautiful. There's a दर्द (pain) in the singer's voice that is so endearing!

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  1. Pretty good translation. 'Traitor' sounds odd though.