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10 Jun 2009


This one is dedicated to my new walking companion, the Radio.

After I last mentioned it, Air Rainbow hasn't played anything to my liking. Shabbeer never turned up either... maybe the time I walk doesn't match the time he talks! I'm listening to Radio One in office these days and loving it. It took me a while to understand Shilpa's "Oh Anyone?" was actually o-n-e 1. She says "Type 'Oh Anyone?' and your answer" to the fatafat clues!

One interesting guy on this station is Chamarajpet Charles, who pops in as fillers every now and then. He's got an accent and tone that makes him sound funny. Reminds me of MJ from school, without the thick accent. My favourite among all his anecdotes is when he's wondering what the fuss on Twitter is all about. Among numerous tweets, he finds one from a Brenda who says "I'm pregnant with Charles' baby!". So much for her excitement, our man hastens to create an account to 'tweet' that "Chamarajpet Charles' has never met Brenda". LOL!

Radio One, Commute Easy and the Bangalore Traffic Police have come together with an initiative for car-pooling which apparently, has caught on big time in Bangalore and even led to reducing the number of cars on the road. Logon to
http://www.commuteeasy.com/ to register. I checked out this site and whereas it looks like a good initiative, initial glance tells me that the claims in the ad may be slightly embellished.

I switched to one of the Kannada stations later today. Except for a handful of good songs, there doesn't seem to be any. So, all stations either play the same evening after evening or slip in some songs that leaves one with no choice but to switch channels.


  1. Ribbit ribbit ribbit. If you understand 'toad' that would speak volumes to you ;)

  2. I don't speak 'toad'. Would you care to explain?