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20 Jun 2009

Shit hit the fan

I slept in today. Till 4PM. I'm having one of those crappy days when all I want to do is go out and have fun but all I can do is lie in bed and unwrap all my sad memories one by one. Missing my best friend, having a sick dog for company and waiting for somebody's email is not helping at all! I don't know where the husband is... off on one of his cycling trails, I believe.

What better way to make the day worse than by reading a wannabe Indian author? Well, he sure seemed like that. I never understood Indian-English writers who use Indianisms liberally in their books. What are they thinking? Indianism is not a bad thing but one should know when to stop! I've enjoyed R K Narayan's books and he has a fair deal of the local flavour in his writing. But when someone starts saying, "Like that only" for a question on why he was doing something, it irritates me. That was lingo I stopped using in my 1st standard! And it's not cool!

I won't name the author for fear of being sued for money when he reads this. Okay, he may never read this but just indulge me a bit here alright? I'm having a really crappy day. The best moment I've had so far is when I was day-dreaming as I waited for my laptop to boot up. I imagined that I was sitting down to write a master-piece, pasta on my spoon and a glass of Bournvita next to me, and that I was going to become famous when people start reading this write-up! Of course, Windows announcing that I've logged in brought me out of my reverie but I didn't let go of the moment.

Now, I just had a sip of the Bournvita and the moment jerked out of my fingers and ran away. Well, there is no milk in the house, so it's just some brown powder and boiled water. How comforting can that be? Buying groceries was on my To-Do list this morning but I've been too busy napping and reading about somebody's friend Sancho, so the fridge is empty but for some of yesterday's rice and sambar.

I'm still angry with the book and it's creator, so I'm going to beat him up some more here, bear with me. His book review on the back of the cover has a line that says he masturbates 11 times a day. Eeewww! Not surprising, though, if you see his picture on the back of the back cover of the book. He goes on to say that he was exaggerating, which makes me think he's a despo of some sort. He's a journalist in real life and one in the book... makes me wonder if he decided to pen his frustration and make some money out of his own misery. What does that say about the kind of person he must be?

I tried my hand at some witticism today, hoping to make some money on the Twitter Tees contest. More than half the people voted 'Hell No' on my wisecracks.

Mom's nagging me now, for all the 100 things I haven't done since I was born. Hell, I wish I'd just stayed in bed! Dad's just joined her and they have both successfully managed to kill my imagination. I'm fumbling for words and struggling to sequence them into meaningful sentences.

Well, life is... like that only. What to do? Ufff!


  1. Oh... and I installed a statcounter on my blog. Darned thing doesn't work! It worked when I installed it but refuses to anymore!

  2. The stat counter does work! :D