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8 Jun 2009

What's cooking?

So, I started cooking. I mean, not the occasional breakfast but 'real' cooking. I made chicken curry yesterday afternoon and everyone loved it. Mom too! In fact, she was a little embarassed that mine turned out better than hers. I made breakfast this morning, carried a dabba (lunch box) to work and I've got everything ready for dinner. I'm very proud of myself. This has been my best weekend ever! I did NOT buy anything when I went shopping with Ullas, I cooked and I am over my Facebook madness.

I like Twitter better these days. There's much more useful information out there, you just need to follow the right people. I like Shashi Tharoor's writing style... very simple, very casual and precise. I need to buy another book of his. That's only after I finish the 2 books I've borrowed from the office library (it's been 3 weeks and I've not done more than 30 pages on each... sigh) and Nicholas Nickleby (I've been reading this for over a month now). I might not read the one on EQ completely. I can't remember what I've read so far, which probably means it's not holding my interest enough to get to the end of the book. 'Imagining India' by Nandan Nilekani, on the other hand, is interesting. It's not a gripping novel or story (well, it's not meant to be)... it's more like a presentation (can't help wondering if he's a good presenter). He makes me see a lot of things I never had and some things that I'd already seen, I'm seeing in a new perspective. It feels like he's talking and I feel guilty that I'm walking out of his speech when I close the book.

Thanks to GCC, I've to read the book walking, so that I don't end up sacrificing one for the other. Time is not exactly my best friend. How, on earth, do people manage to find time to do all the stuff they do? I'm always running from one thing to another, no matter how well I think I've planned.

The 'diet' I was trying to get started with, isn't working at all. I've given up sugar for 5 days now and this afternoon, my fingers were trembling. I checked on the net... among hundreds, two of the causes could be caffeine & low-sugar... I fit into both these categories. Just the thought of giving up carnivorous food and living on 'grass' makes me feel tired. I just can't do it! Simply put, it means I need to walk more. I've got 30000 steps planned for today.

Having access to blog from office is a blessing. It gives me a break from work, especially in the evenings and I don't need to login to the net when I get home. That means, more time for cooking, reading & walking when I get home. Now, that's a gift!

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