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3 Jun 2009

We ran... DNA has proof

It turns out that I was wrong, after all! Somebody - one of the scores of photographers at the Sunfeast Run - caught Jeena & me in a moment that gave us our 15 seconds to fame! He didn't just give us a frame but caught us during a run... the 15 minutes of run in the 5K race! He threw in our photo with a catchy line and put us in the centre of the page - mind you, there's no mistaking who the runners are! Without further ado, behold page 8 in the link to Monday's DNA Bangalore


  1. nice.... when i ran, i mean ran, no one noticed..... @#%^!

  2. Dad's seen the pic in DNA at Gulbarga. He'd got home the cut-out and was showing off to all his friends at the KEWA meeting on Sunday afternoon. Cute, ain't he? This felt nicer than coming in the papers :)

  3. The epaper version's been archived. So readers have got to register on DNA to view our run

  4. hmm... too bad! If the registration's free, it's still ok, I guess ;)