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8 Jun 2009

The One-Stop Shop For All My Music Needs

I must say that GCC has multiple benefits. I'm getting some exercise, I'm hoping I'll lose some weight and I've developed a fondness for the radio. I've got 9 stations tuned on my Nokia 5800 Xpress so far and I'm looking forward to adding some more. Here's where I can get the complete list of stations :)


My current favourite is the All India Radio Rainbow FM (101.30). They play Hindi classics. They also play Kannada. Most importantly, I love RJ Shabbeer who's on when I'm walking back home. Awesome voice, cheerful and in-your-face line delivery. Last week, he made people call him up to tell him a nick-name they hated most and then he analyzed why they might be called that :D

Thanks to Jeena, I found a station that plays Hindi music (new and old). At work, I switch between Hindi & English. There's a number of stations that play Kannada... unfortunately, only a handful of songs that make good listening.

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