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17 Jun 2009

Little Things

There's so much to the little joys of life. Maybe that was what someone was thinking when they coined the phrase, "Thank God for small mercies!"

What are memories but the little things that brought us great joy or pain? Little drops of water make the great ocean, they say. A little smile in the morning sets off the day on a good note. A little tear on my best friend's face brings my day's work to nought. The little itch in your pants is enough to make you forget your lines on stage.

I once gave an impromptu speech that had every para ending with "Short people, great people". No one remembers the long story I told them or what won me the prize but this little chant remained unforgotten! My dog has arthritis and struggles to walk. Yet, she values the little time we give her, so when my husband or I get home, she comes running to us with the ball in her mouth. She wants to play. She doesn't remember the ache in her bones but it's that little game that makes up for her entire day of waiting!

Whether it is at work or at home, in a strange land or an oft-visited pub, it's the little things we do that people recognize us by. I'm grateful to the security guards at office for reminding me to leave office by 8PM everyday. I hardly notice that their job has the larger objective of protecting my organization from thieves and frauds! It's our little actions that make or break a relationship - it's not the daily emails or funny forwards from a friend that count but the rare hug when you meet them. It's not the expensive gifts but the gift of time... the few seconds of making beautiful memories that we treasure forever!

My husband is happier when I cook rice and dal for him than when I work ten hours every day, making money for the household. Which reminds me that I've been in office for over 9 hours now. I gotta run and make my man happy. Be back soon. Until then, collect those little shells of happiness and store them away... you'll need them during lonely times

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