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7 Jun 2009

Interesting date today, uh? 06-06-09

Took a very long walk with Ullas today - it felt really good!

None of the pet shops here have enough of what we need - socks/booties, mattresses... sigh! Poor Lucky (we met her namesake @ the vet today - a really huge chick that one)

Went shopping with Ullas & bought nothing for me. I am so proud of myself! He, on the other hand, turned out to be a sucker for promos - bought an extra pair of socks so we meet the criteria for the FREE 600 rupees voucher (awesome!)

As part of my new diet & exercise regime, I
  • had Ceasar Chiken Salad at Pizza Hut this afternoon (that was before the cheese-crusted, chicken & mushroom pizza, of course)
  • walked from here to Indiranagar and back but got only 20K steps (it's a different story altogether that Ullas refuses to wake up & I can barely move either)
My first big deposit into my salary account this morning - a cheque. Can't wait to see some cash in the account!

Lakshmamma (watchman's wife & maid around here) is going to see her daughter who quarrelled with her husband and 'drank poison'. Crazy girl, she's just back home from an operation about 2 days back! Poor lady... what with their financial status and the constant issues at the daughter's place... such a harrowing time!

Following Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Shashi Tharoor on Twitter. Ellen's got loads of stuff on her site and she seems like fun. Shashi, of course, is a writer. Oprah hasn't impressed me on Twitter as yet!

Besty still manages to hurt me & make me cry - atleast some things haven't changed. Good, you think?

I nod off at my laptop these days (my laptop?). Gotta go catch a few winks, before the maid wakes me up for the sweeping & mopping (what, may I ask? nothing looks clean after she leaves).

Goodnight. Sleep tight!

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