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5 Jun 2009

Snip, snip, snip

Of all the times I've gotten a new look, this one has drawn the most attention and reaction. Can you believe it? It's been a week and people are still talking, gawking, swooning (99% -ve reaction). Here are some of my favourites... I just had to write them down and make them a party of history (my history, I mean).

Amma (mom-in-law): Don't you think the guy cut it too short?
How cute! It's the barber's fault... he cut it too short, my daughter-in-law would've never do something this atrocious!!

Appa (dad-in-law): It's interesting
Hmm... what most people say when they want to say '"Ugh! Girl, what have you done to your hair?" He didn't like it either!!

Babie (husband):
Well, he's still not out of shock! I'm waiting for the actual reaction... so far it's been 'nice', 'hmmm', 'fat ass', etc

Mom: shrieked! (how do I put that in words?)

Sanchita (sis-in-law): You look like my husband without his facial hair
LOL! This is my favourite, really! I'm still rolling on the floor laughing at this one :))) PS. Her husband is my brother

Sam (bro): Dude!
What? That's it... yeah... well... men are people of less words (lacking in 'laboratory'... er.. vocabulary) :D

Granny is in silence, she must be wondering what happened to her grand-daughter and why is her grand-son-in-law living with a fat guy! Dad's not seen me yet. Tomorrow's the D-day.... aaaaaah, I had better keep an hour aside (maybe two) for a looooooong piece of advice on my antics.

At office, all the boys were unanimous in their reaction. 'Horrified' is the word! A lot of people asked me what I was thinking... someone even asked me what my intention was. Hmmmm... looks like I needed some preparation after all... if only I'd expected the celebrity status that I would attain!

Some people are getting used to it - KedU Vada said he liked it 50%... he he! A couple of girls liked the new cut - my partner in crime did (well, not surprising... after the geisha & the run, now this ;)). Some of the best reactions, however, were...

Zero defect tester: I loved the look on her face. Priceless! Her jaws dropped & eyes popped out! Till date, she calls me Aussie. I wish I was a better writer and could explain the look on her face!

ShahruKh: Looked pained! Whoops! Then he said he liked the hairstyle & seconds later claimed me as his competitor. Then he went home and left me a scrap laughing. 2 days later, he's still trying out different styles using gel for his hair... lol!

Felis: Had an anguished look frozen on his face for minutes. Asked me 'how long' it would take to 'fix this'.

Fair number of people feeling sorry for me and wondering if I'd lost my mind, not just my hair. So far I've been called Indira Gandhi (give me a break here guys, you say this for every hair cut of mine and I bet she didn't change her hairstyle so much at all), Priyanka Gandhi (how about a little more creativity here mates?), Aussie (yeah right, only Australians wear their hair short and all of them), Shriya (well)... Some people thought I look older, some said smarter (now you're talking :)) and most people said I am F-A-T (all my hair covering the excess fat these days??)

Seven-hundred-and-fifty bucks! I don't think I'd have had this much entertainment even if I paid for the hair-cut :D Thanks to my benefactor (I'm not allowed to mention names here), I'm now infamous... and strangely enough, loving it. Having the last laugh, you could say, esp since SB said I had a 'good look' :)

(I wish I'd written this earlier - I just don't have the right words or frame today).


  1. Dad said nothing, so I went up to him to ask what he thought (brave one that I am!). He smiled and said, "You keep doing something or the other with yourself. What do you want me to say?" He actually had a very cute smile... either he liked it or he was embarassed LOL. Maybe, he's just given up trying to 'fix' me.

  2. Kedu vada with U as in pushpangadhan?

  3. Exactly! In fact, I just edited the blog and made sure the 'U' as in pushpangadhan gets it's due :P