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17 Jun 2009

Girls will be girls

It's no secret that girls like to be called young. Note 'called young' - simply put, it means that no matter what you really think, just tell us that we look young and, you will continue to live. Walk down the road and you will find plenty of us lying through our teeth, slashing our age by anything from 5 to 10 years. Personally, I've always been honest and told people that I'm 18. I stopped changing my age after 16 but one day I realized that I needed to be 18 to do most things legally and since then I've always stayed eighteen.

A friend of mine once looked at a picture of me with another girl and said she looked cuter! Blimey! Okay, I hear protests, so I'll explain what really happened. I sent a picture of me with 'my twin geisha' and asked him to find me in the picture. Two people, simple enough right? I did NOT ask him who was cuter, I swear! He said the 'one on the right' was cuter and therefore must be me. Well, as it turns out, I was sitting on the left. I was going to simply write 'he called the other one cute' but that would be unfair to him for, since then he has found me cute in every picture that I have sent him... including one where my head was clean shaven (now I'm lying, I have NEVER been that)! One day I will send him a picture of Gandhiji's 3 monkeys and see if he will still reply saying I look cute!!! Maybe I ought to get him to find me in that picture, eh?

Then I went on to cut my hair. Real short. I walk a lot these days, thanks to gcc (http://www.gcc2009.com/) and I get a fair share of attention, what with my new monkey-mobile, ear-phones, round-is-a-shape-too figure, et al. A couple of evenings ago, on my way home from work, a 12-year old kid grabbed his mom's hand and started yelling, "Amma paaru ma, kutti payya". Whoa! I don't know what I did to get that but believe me, I nearly jumped! So now, I am a kutti and a payya? A kid - okay, listen... we like to be young but not that young Alright? Even if I took that as a compliment, he called me a BOY! All because of a hair-cut? Really! There are other things... well... he was only 12 years old....

Salads. Ever heard of a guy say he is on a salad diet? Why do we need good health from a special dish of raw veggies and grass (ugh)? Why not boys? My husband eats chicken from KFC, burgers at McD's, pastas and what else... so what? I eat the same and round is not just a shape but the shape of Mother Earth!

Ever read a blog by a guy talking about his feelings, about salads, about movies that make them cry? My blog has all of that! Why? Because I'm a girl. I need to bitch. I need to yak. I need to be heard. Uh actually, I just need to yak... I don't even know if... I... am... you know... being... 'heard'... or read... or whatever...

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